If you’re tired of swatting at mosquitoes every time you step out your door, we understand. Mosquitoes are annoying. More concerning however, is the serious health risk that can accompany mosquito bites. An infected mosquito can transmit the dangerous and potentially life threatening West Nile virus. Though mosquito populations vary dramatically by area and are virtually impossible to completely “control”, Best In Pest Control specializes in mosquito abatement services that will minimize mosquito activity. Mosquito treatments are designed to reduce the population during outdoor events and, in some cases, just allow employees to walk to their car or a family to eat out on the patio. You can also rely on us to apply effective, ongoing treatments during mosquito season. Best In Pest Control uses EPA registered material to provide our customers with temporary relief. So whether you’re looking for mosquito control for your next event or all summer long, trust Best In Pest Control.